Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This project was the best of the eight. I loved it because of how the pictures fit like a puzzle. It was just perfect for my OCD. Oh yeah, thanks David.

Retouching Assignment

this is my retouching assignment. When I first started this project I thought it was hard but when I started to blend skin color it looked better.

Magazine Cover

This is my Magazine Cover project. At first, I tried different magazine covers to put myself in but i couldnt find the perfect one until I stumbled upon this one. $$$

Movie Poster

This is my movie poster project. I think this was a hilarious project because I would never see myself in a movie poster. I chose a fast and the furious poster to put myself in because they do a good job with advertising their movies.

Photo Collage with text features

This is my Photo Collage with text features. This way an enjoyable project. Was kind off camera shy at first but got comfortable with it.     P.s. Im just teasing Sahil...

classic painted portrait

This is my classic painted portrait project (try saying that 5 times fast). This was a fairly easy project. This is a picture of a Nissan GTR topped with a filter for that "painted" and "classic" look.

Creative Blurring

This is my creative blurring project. The funny thing about this project is that i was actually listening to queen while doing this.