Friday, June 12, 2015

Marco Photo Shoot

This is my Marco Photo Shoot project. All the pictures taken used the Marco setting on the camera.

Photo Walk

This is my Photo Walk Project. I used different techniques with every picture.

Light Painting

This is my Light Painting project. I found it interesting how this works. I drew a "5" with a flashlight.

Create an Album Cover

This is my Album Picture project. If I were to name this album, I would name it "From Up Above". I like this project because I got to be creative with it.

Color Focus on Black and White Photo

This is my Color Focus on Black and White Photo project. I used the skyline of Los Angeles and added some color in the sky.

Surreal Human/Nature Potrait

This is my Surreal Human/Nature Portrait project. This has to be my favorite project because of the contrast between the black and white and the rainbow.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Zombify Yourself

This is my Zombify Yourself project. I added blood and red eyes and a cracked skull.

Celebrity photobomb

This is my Celebrity Photobomb project. I photoshopped Tom Cruise into a rando crowd.

Contour Collage

This is my Contour Collage project. I surrounded myself with a bunch of things that i have interest in.

Photoshop Makeover

This is my Photoshop Makeover. I made my red and eyes red.

Cartoon Head on Regular body

This project is my Cartoon Head on Regular Body. My favorite parts of this project was the glare on the sunglassses.

hybrid character

This project was easy and fun. This is a blend of 3 looney tune charactes: Taz (my personal favorite), Daffy Duck, and Bugs Bunny.

Colorized Drawing

This project was very fun and easy because everything drawn on this was what was going through my mind haha.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This project was the best of the eight. I loved it because of how the pictures fit like a puzzle. It was just perfect for my OCD. Oh yeah, thanks David.

Retouching Assignment

this is my retouching assignment. When I first started this project I thought it was hard but when I started to blend skin color it looked better.

Magazine Cover

This is my Magazine Cover project. At first, I tried different magazine covers to put myself in but i couldnt find the perfect one until I stumbled upon this one. $$$

Movie Poster

This is my movie poster project. I think this was a hilarious project because I would never see myself in a movie poster. I chose a fast and the furious poster to put myself in because they do a good job with advertising their movies.

Photo Collage with text features

This is my Photo Collage with text features. This way an enjoyable project. Was kind off camera shy at first but got comfortable with it.     P.s. Im just teasing Sahil...

classic painted portrait

This is my classic painted portrait project (try saying that 5 times fast). This was a fairly easy project. This is a picture of a Nissan GTR topped with a filter for that "painted" and "classic" look.

Creative Blurring

This is my creative blurring project. The funny thing about this project is that i was actually listening to queen while doing this.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

portrait using different backgrounds

This is my portrait using different backrounds project. i based it off of some of californias famous landmarks and cities such as L.A., S.D., S.F., etc.

Triple Portrait Evolution

This is my Triple Portrait Evolution project. I am a big fan of apple and thought this was the perfect idea. i used types of macs and lined them up to show their evolution and growth of their technology.

Candy land landscape

This is my candy land landscape. Fun fact, i had multiple candyland landscapes but thought this one was the best. the hard part was starring at the all the candy and not drooling.

Art Addition To Masterpiece

This is my art addition to masterpiece project. When i first started this project i had a hard time thinking of what art piece i should use for this project. I started getting "dizzy" and thought of starry night painting. :D

Repetition in a creative way

This project is the repetition in a creative way project. This project was some what difficult due to the duplicating of layers. i love the way this turned out.

look whos in our school

This is my " look whose in our school" project. I took a picture of our school and added cartoons characters, new and old, to make it look like they were actually in our school.

Disproportionate photo

This is my disproportionate photo project. I used a mouse and an elephant. The mouse appears to be bigger than the elephant. I chose these to animals because the are I'm clearly opposite from each other.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

30 day photography challenge

Day 1: Favorite Food
Day 2: Smile

Day 3: Happiness

Day 4: Leaves
Day 5: Morning sky 
Day 6: Books 
Day 7: Something funny 
Day 8: Favorite color 
Day 9: Inspiring Person
Day 10: Nature
Day 11: Something old
Day 12: Hair 
Day 13: Written Words
Day 14: Movement
Day 15: Leading Lines

Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns 
Day 17: Framing
Day 18: Depth of Field
Day 19: Rule of thirds
Day 20: Best friend
Day 21: Where You Sleep
Day 22: In your closet
Day 23: Gratitude

Day 24: Something New
Day 25: Animal(s)
Day 26: Worms eye view of trees
Day 27: Artwork
Day 28: Daily Routine
Day 29: Nighttime 
Day 30: Light