Sunday, February 22, 2015

World Traveler picture

This is a picture of me when I went to Egypt last summer. Okay, this may not be real but a guy can dream right? This project seemed easy and simple. The only real hard part was taking a picture of me. Thanks David.

Hybrid Creature

This Hybrid creature is what we call a "Lion Tailed Shark Finned Duck Tiger Dog". This project was not as tough as I thought. It took me a while to think of some animals to put in this project but I'm glad I chose these animals because they're my favorite.

Decorate an empty room

Now this was a very fun project but was time consuming because i kept adding cool stuff. This is my dream (emphases on dream) room. I just thought of thins I love and just put it in my dream room.

Colorize an Ansel Adams image

When I was searching for an Ansel Adams image, this one stood out from the others. This piece of artwork looks simple but can really pop out with a little color.

Colorize a black and white image

With this project, I wanted to experiment with some of the tools in photoshop. Using the smart brush tool, i was able to make the ocean look reflective in a way. I also love San Fransisco!

Picasso-esque Cubist digital portrait

The funny thing about this project is that when I was thinking of a person to do this project on, I was listening to some of Kanye West's music. This is my Picasso-esque Cubist digital portrait and honestly is the scariest project I've ever done. Why Ms. Forrest, Why?

Surrealist digital portrait

This is my Surrealist Digital Portrait. Using fruits i made a face to resemble a "human" face. What I think is so special about this project is how the pineapple crown is supposed to resemble a mohawk.

Surrealist Digital Landscape

This is my Surrealist Digital Landscape project. As weird as this looks, all of the images that you see in this project came off the top of my head. Some might find this humorous (I do).