Sunday, April 12, 2015

portrait using different backgrounds

This is my portrait using different backrounds project. i based it off of some of californias famous landmarks and cities such as L.A., S.D., S.F., etc.

Triple Portrait Evolution

This is my Triple Portrait Evolution project. I am a big fan of apple and thought this was the perfect idea. i used types of macs and lined them up to show their evolution and growth of their technology.

Candy land landscape

This is my candy land landscape. Fun fact, i had multiple candyland landscapes but thought this one was the best. the hard part was starring at the all the candy and not drooling.

Art Addition To Masterpiece

This is my art addition to masterpiece project. When i first started this project i had a hard time thinking of what art piece i should use for this project. I started getting "dizzy" and thought of starry night painting. :D

Repetition in a creative way

This project is the repetition in a creative way project. This project was some what difficult due to the duplicating of layers. i love the way this turned out.

look whos in our school

This is my " look whose in our school" project. I took a picture of our school and added cartoons characters, new and old, to make it look like they were actually in our school.

Disproportionate photo

This is my disproportionate photo project. I used a mouse and an elephant. The mouse appears to be bigger than the elephant. I chose these to animals because the are I'm clearly opposite from each other.